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Our available animals are listed below. Interested in adopting? First, review our adoption process, then fill out the adoption application here. Expect a response from an adoption counselor within 48 hours.

Note: Some animals might be pending entry into our system or scheduled for a meeting with another adopter. Adoption decisions are at our discretion.


No response in 48 hours? Check your spam and texts. For further assistance, email or call 619-748-2555.

Our Animals

Adoption Process

Screening: Prior to scheduling an adoption appointment, an adoption counselor will contact you for a chat. Each animal is assessed for behavior and health to find the most suitable home. If you're adopting a companion for your current pet, inform us and bring your pet to the appointment for a supervised introduction.

Adoption: You'll have an hour-long appointment to meet animals, discuss care, nutrition, and address any questions. We aim for the perfect match and will provide details on necessary supplies and services for adoption completion. We encourage all household members to be present during this process. Animals are adopted on a first-come, first-served basis; we do not hold animals.

Adoption Contract: At adoption, you'll sign a contract agreeing not to breed the animal, ensure it receives veterinary care, treat it humanely, and return it to Wee Companions if you can no longer care for it. The contract is legally binding; signees must be 18 or older. An adoption donation is required.

Additional Note: We sell everything you need to bring your new animal home. Wee Companions operates by appointment only for individual adoptions.

Available Animals

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